Senior rep requirements: 

  • You must be a 2016 junior girl graduating a local high school in 2017. 
  • You (or your parent/guardian if not over the age of 18) must sign a model release. 
  • You (and your parents) must agree to only market for AdVance Photography for the duration of program participation (typically the 2016/2017 school year).
  • You must display one of AdVance Photography's images as your social media avatar/profile picture for 6 months from date of receipt. 
  • You must refer a minimum of 3 other seniors to AdVance Photography whose sessions are to be completed by November 1, 2016. 
  • A $50 deposit is due to secure your personal senior session.  If the minimum number of referrals is not met by November 1, 2016, you will be responsible for the balance at full session price. 

As a senior rep for AdVance Photography you get: 

  • A reduced session fee (50% off!) for your personal senior session
  • To participate in additional promotional photoshoots - at least one group shoot and one personal mini-shoot - free of charge. 
  • 3 hi-res, personal images to use as your profile picture for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
  • 25 rep cards with your picture to hand out to friends and referrals (These cards will be coded with a reference number so that your referrals can receive $10 off their session fee and you get credit for sending them to AdVance Photography!)
  • Once your minimum referral count is met, you will receive a discount code for 50% off your print and digital product purchase. 

Additional benefits: 

  • Send me more than 5 referrals and get a $25 gift card! 
  • Send me more than 8 referrals and get a $50 gift card!

Sound great?

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