Mary Vance Photography Senior Guy Photographer Sammamish Washington Gasworks Park Seattle


Wear what you love! Fashion is such an individual expression and I want to see the real you. Here are just a few tips that will help you with your wardrobe.



  • Plan the details - hats, shoes, etc
  • Iron your clothing - there's no "iron" tool in Photoshop!
  • Use patterns and texture to add interest to your look
  • Wear at least one "nice" shirt for your mother. She'll appreciate it! :-) 


  • Neon colors - brights are fine, but neons don't work with skin 
  • Large logos (unless they are significant) 
  • Overly revealing clothing - remember grandma will see these, too!

A few more details... 


Please make sure that your undergarments coordinate well and won’t show through your clothing. Double check that all undergarments are smooth and won’t leave lines under tight fighting clothes.


Hands and fingernails will show in your images. Fingernails should be clean and trimmed. Guys should also plan to shave (unless you rock a beard!) before their session. 


You may also wish to incorporate a sport uniform and/or meaningful prop like a musical instrument, letterman’s jacket, ball, etc. Keep props meaningful and simple for a timeless image.


Glasses can be tricky! On one hand, they are a fairly permanent addition to your face. Lots of people say that don't feel like themselves without their glasses. On the other hand, it can make things difficult during the shoot. For example, transition lenses or lenses with special coating can block the eyes completely or give strange colored glare. Additionally, my reflector is almost guaranteed to add to that glare. So take a few minutes to think about how you may want that included in your session.