A fine art school photography experience

What exactly is Fine Art School Photography?

I don’t know about you, but I was never a fan of the stiffly posed and forced smile images my kids brought home from school picture day. Mottled backdrops and random props seemed lame and never represented who my child WAS. And honestly, they were even terrified a time or two by awkward photographers telling them to smile and say PEANUT??
Fine Art School Portraits is a fresh take on school photography. The background is black and the photos will be simple and classic. Instead of forcing an expression, children will be encouraged to be themselves. Children grow and change so quickly - I want to capture just a moment in time of who they are right here, right now.

My goal is to provide a simple and personal experience for my schools.

  • Good for students: I never force a smile. The expressions you see on your child’s face represent their feelings on that day in that moment. One of the most beautiful parts of my job is seeing their souls shining through innocent eyes. I am also very fast and will capture great images of your kid without making them suffer camera-fatigue.

  • Good for parents: No purchasing before you see the images. No order forms to remember to return. No photos coming home in backpacks! All digital ordering, galleries that can be shared with loved ones, and prints are shipped straight to your door. (…maybe I should call it Prime School Photography???)

  • Good for schools: I provide all advertising materials and email announcement templates. Each school will have a link to their own landing page with welcome information, gallery access, and an FAQ. There is no additional burden on teachers to sort order forms or prints. I also give each school that I work with the option to receive either a donated percent of the profits or a discount code off student’s print prices.

Sound like something you’d love to see offered at your school?

Contact me for more details!