Frequently asked questions

When will my session take place? 

Sessions typically take place 2-3 hours before sunset on your shoot date.  So we start around 7:00pm in June, but by 3:00pm in November! 

Can I bring a friend?

A friend or family member is always welcome at your session. If you want a whole family session added on, please let the photographer know about that prior to the shoot.

Which Package Should I choose?

Totally depends on you! The Cascade photoshoots are popular with guys or seniors who are a bit camera shy. This is the uncomplicated, no fuss kind of shoot. The Olympic is by far my most popular package and includes a senior favorite — the mobile app! Many of my seniors like this package because the choice of 3 outfits gives them space to really cover their interests and personality. The Rainier package is actually the best value when you factor in all the extras like personal consultation, additional outfit/time, mobile app, and custom photo album. It’s for those seniors who want the Rainier-sized experience for their senior photos.

Can I bring my dog to my session? 

You are welcome to bring a well-behaved dog to your session. Keep in mind that not all locations allow dogs, so please inform me before hand if you plan to bring the pup. Typically, we just bring the dog in for a few shots before an outfit change, so having someone to be responsible solely for the pup is necessary. 

What if it's raining on my session date? 

I am a 100% natural-light photographer. If there is significant inclement weather, we will reschedule. (This includes smoke from summer fires - if it’s too smoky to be outside, we will reschedule.)

How long before images are ready?  

I personally edit all of the images displayed in your gallery. Expect it to take THREE WEEKS from your shoot date for the images to be finalized. I never hold finished images and will get them to you as quickly as I can — I promise! Please do not send me emails asking when your photos will be ready prior to the end of the three week period. I know you’re excited to see you pictures, I am excited, too! I will then send you a link to your gallery and you may download your images directly as soon as they are finished.

Will i get a sneak peek?

Yes! I typically try to get a sneak peek up on Instagram (stories) within the first 24 - 48 hours. I do NOT work on Sundays, so keep that in mind if you had a Saturday evening shoot.

Do you photoshop images? 

My editing philosophy is to remove the temporary and keep the permanent. So I will take out a scratch or blemish (because those do not get to live forever!), but won't touch a birthmark or freckle unless specifically requested. 

May I edit my own photos? 

Nope. Please do not crop, filter, or otherwise adjust images (this includes Instagram and Snapchat filters). Mary Vance Photography retains copyright to all images.  

What about photo storage?

I will send you a link to your gallery and you will be allowed to download all your images with a limited print release. Galleries will remain open for about 2 weeks. Please be sure to download and back-up your images. Computers crash all the time and I can not store images perpetually. I will attempt to maintain senior galleries for the duration of their senior year. (But again - crashes happen all the time! Please download and backup immediately!) Schools and event photoshoots are never guaranteed after the initial open window due to the volume and high storage capacity of that type of gallery.

Can I get a yearbook photo?

Yearbook photos are included with all my senior collections. Tell me which outfit you would like for your yearbook photo, and I’ll snap a headshot. Afterwards, I will size the image you chose, but will not submit for you. Please note your yearbook photo deadline and plan accordingly. 

Do I have permission to share my images online?  

Yes! You are welcome to share your favorite images online. Kindly give photo credit to Mary Vance Photography if sharing un-watermarked images. You are welcome to share your gallery with family and friends, too. Just know that sharing the gallery link will allow others to access, download, and print your images. 

I'm not in your area. Do you travel? 

Absolutely! I am regularly in both California and North Carolina shooting seniors and weddings. I have a huge case of wanderlust, though, and would love to meet you where you are! Travel fees may be included if traveling significantly out of service area.