DigiPen Academy School Photos

fall 2019

Hey, DigiPen Academy! I’m excited to be back on campus again this year offering fine art school photos for our students, siblings, and staff. My goal is to provide a simple and personal experience for our DPA families. This page will be your go-to spot for information to help you prepare for picture day and to access your galleries once they are active.

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Click the following link to access your gallery and family album. Albums are organized by the registered parent's last name and first initial. Passcodes for your family album will be emailed to you individually.

*link will be active once gallery is released*

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Wait - what exactly is a fine art school portrait?

I don’t know about you, but I was never a fan of the stiffly posed and forced smile images my daughters brought home from school picture day. Mottled backdrops and random props felt cheesy and never represented who my kid WAS. Fine Art School Portraits is a fresh take on school photography. The background is black and the photos will be simple and classic. Instead of forcing an expression, children will be encouraged to be themselves. Children grow and change so quickly - I want to capture just a moment in time of who they are right here, right now.

When will you be on campus?

We will be on campus on the following dates/times:

- Tues, Sept 24: 10:30am - 2:30pm

- Wed, Sept 25: 10:00am - 3:00pm

- Thurs, Sept 26: 10:00am - 2:00pm

What should my child wear?

Whatever makes them comfortable! Avoid neon colors if possible as they don’t photograph well with skin.

Can I bring my brother or sister?

Yes! Parents are welcome to bring in siblings who don’t attend DPA for photos as well.

How will I get my photos?

Within two weeks (often faster) of your child’s photo day, you will be emailed a link to the photo gallery. (You can also revisit this page to find the gallery link once active.) There will be 2-5 images of each child presented in color and black and white in your family album. From the gallery, you will be able to order prints, canvas wraps, and digital files directly. The ordering process is simple and secure. No ordering before you see the image, no odd products or package requirements to meet. Just order what you love, sit back, and wait for the photos to be delivered to your door.

Is there a sitting fee?

Nope! There is no charge to have your child’s photo taken. You only pay for the print products and digitals that you want, and only after you’ve seen your images!

What are your product prices?

Print and digital products are ordered from your gallery. In addition to professional grade prints, you may also purchase custom canvases, digital files, and photo retouching directly from the gallery. A la carte print prices begin at $8 for 8 wallets and $10 for a 5x7. Digital files are $15 per file or $75 for all the digitals in the gallery (best deal for families with multiple kids).