Frances T - Class of 2016 - Sammamish, WA High School Senior Photography

"I would really love to have water in my photoshoot."

Thus began my absolute worst nightmare...

For those of you who don't know, I have a healthy-apprehension <<cough, cough - FEAR - cough, cough>> of moving water. Blame it on a total lack of swimming ability... blame it on the hurricane that flooded out most of my school district as a teen... blame it on the no less than 5 times my amazing older sister has literally pulled me from the murky depths of pool, lake, ocean, and creek waters... 

So when Frances said she wanted to be on the water, I'm pretty sure I turned an unsightly shade of green at the thought!  I can't do water! What if I fall in? What if I drown? DO YOU KNOW IT ONLY TAKES AN INCH OR TWO OF WATER TO MOVE A CAR???

Once I stopped silently (and not so silently) freaking out about the thought of being in or near water, I immediately called a buddy who is all-nature-all-the-time for location suggestions. No way I was going to let my fears ruin the vision! 

In the end, we settled on Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. Oh baby, does this park pack a punch! Pretty much everything you could ever want is available here!

Frances was an amazing model - she's so laid back and always ready to laugh! Her wardrobe choices were so "her" and it showed by how confident she was. 

Frances - I so love these images and I hope you do, too! Thanks for taking on my phobia! ;-) 

Shine Bright!