Three Lovely Ladies - Plateau Living Feature

I love seeing my work in print! Recently, I had the chance to do some commission work for Plateau Living Magazine.  Being a natural-light photographer, rain normally spells NO GO for me, so I kept hoping that the weather would cooperate for our session.  

It didn't. :-(

We had to work with overcast, cold, and gloomy, because we were on a tight schedule and couldn't change the date!  

I wish I could tell you just how up for the challenge these ladies were! Mom and eldest were fighting a big'ol cold, but you wouldn't know it to look them! They smiled, posed and giggled their way through the shoot with such grace that it made my job easy! 

Enjoy a few of my faves from the session!

Shine Bright!


Maya E. - Senior Mini-Session

"I was going to bring my acoustic guitar, but it's so hot I was worried it would crack."

Hope that lets you know just how HOT is was that day - hot enough to shoot an electric guitar in a remote, overgrown field! 

But seriously - who is this fierce in 100 degree heat?


Maya is a girl with a big heart and more personality than a picture can capture.  I look forward to getting her in front of my lens again soon. 

Shine Bright! 


Ellie B. - Senior Mini-Session

Love, love, love a red-head! 

Ellie was absolutely gorgeous at her mini session. At first she was a little nervous to "not smile", but she warmed up after a few shots and she was so striking. 

See that gold bracelet? What a story! It symbolizes strength and survival and the overwhelming love of her mother. That piece of Ellie's story, and having her share it with me, was one of the highlights of the session. 

Shine Bright! 


Mary, Mary... - Senior Mini-Session

"Happy girls are the prettiest." -A. Hepburn

If that's the the truth, then I've found the prettiest girl in the world.  Mary P. always has a smile on her face.  So joyful and bright-eyed.  It was so much fun to photograph her - even if only for a brief time.  Mary, thanks for spending time in front of my lens! I'm so excited to see what this year brings for you. 

Shine bright!