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Who photographs the photographer?

The paradox of a photography business! 

As photographers, we want to be the ones behind the camera.  We want to choose lighting and location. We want to make the final edits. We want the control over how our image appears - and yet we still ask our clients to trust us each and every day with all those decisions!!! 

So why is it so hard to step back from the process? 

I have a hunch that maybe we as photographers should do this more often.  Let go of the control and trust our business peers. Get out from behind the lens and let someone document OUR lives for a change!  

Recently, I had the opportunity to be both the photographer and the subject of a quick session.  Sarah Krepp, of Patina Photography in Raleigh, NC, needed a new headshot for her webpage and was kind enough to return the favor.  Believe me, it was MUCH easier to be behind the lens where I'm comfortable, but the images Sarah captured of me were so lovely that afterward I felt a bit silly having been so nervous.

Sarah, you are so beautiful and I loved running through medians in search of bright blossoms with you! ;-) 

Shine Bright!