The K Family - Family Session, Maple Valley, WA

Back in November, I had the opportunity to photograph a fellow homeschooling family at their amazing property in Maple Valley, WA.  This place has it all! Grassy open knoll, ancient nurse logs, wondering creek, drippy moss-covered trees - it's the perfect place for raising-up two bright and beautiful girls.

Throughout this session, I couldn't get over just how connected this family is - Mama and Daddy leaning in, holding hands, cracking jokes. Sisters helping each other out, cuddling. Even the dog and grandparents were involved! 

The K family have lived in quite a few places, but the accent says Texas! I was truly fortunate to get to spend time with this beautiful family. 

Shine bright! 


Falling for Autumn

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year.  The weather is crisp and OOOHHH - the - colors!!! :-) 

We've had some great weather recently and I just had to pull my daughters out of the house yesterday for a quick fall photoshoot. Although they weren't the most cooperative, I was still glad that we seized the opportunity before the rain sets in. 

Have you taken the time to update your family photos? This time of the year family sessions can pull double duty for your walls and your Christmas cards. 

Shine Bright!