Elsbeth J - Class of 2016 - Sammamish, WA Senior Photographer

Well, it's about time!!! All the spring blossoms are making me reminisce about this gorgeous session that I shot with Elsbeth way back in October! 

Elsbeth is a girl who knows her mind and she wanted only one thing for her senior portraits - leaves! :-)  

We found a cute little nook with loads of color and I'm so pleased with the results. 

Elsbeth - thanks for spending the year in photos with me.  I love how willing you are to dive in and do something crazy for a great shot! 

Shine Bright! 


Falling for Autumn

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year.  The weather is crisp and OOOHHH - the - colors!!! :-) 

We've had some great weather recently and I just had to pull my daughters out of the house yesterday for a quick fall photoshoot. Although they weren't the most cooperative, I was still glad that we seized the opportunity before the rain sets in. 

Have you taken the time to update your family photos? This time of the year family sessions can pull double duty for your walls and your Christmas cards. 

Shine Bright!