Elsbeth J - Class of 2016 - Sammamish, WA Senior Photographer

Well, it's about time!!! All the spring blossoms are making me reminisce about this gorgeous session that I shot with Elsbeth way back in October! 

Elsbeth is a girl who knows her mind and she wanted only one thing for her senior portraits - leaves! :-)  

We found a cute little nook with loads of color and I'm so pleased with the results. 

Elsbeth - thanks for spending the year in photos with me.  I love how willing you are to dive in and do something crazy for a great shot! 

Shine Bright! 


Three Lovely Ladies - Plateau Living Feature

I love seeing my work in print! Recently, I had the chance to do some commission work for Plateau Living Magazine.  Being a natural-light photographer, rain normally spells NO GO for me, so I kept hoping that the weather would cooperate for our session.  

It didn't. :-(

We had to work with overcast, cold, and gloomy, because we were on a tight schedule and couldn't change the date!  

I wish I could tell you just how up for the challenge these ladies were! Mom and eldest were fighting a big'ol cold, but you wouldn't know it to look them! They smiled, posed and giggled their way through the shoot with such grace that it made my job easy! 

Enjoy a few of my faves from the session!

Shine Bright!


Hannah S. - Senior Session

Meet Hannah. 

This girl is amazing. I could literally write pages and pages about her abilities (She sings OPERA!?!?! Works with horses for summer camps for special needs kids!?!?! And she has a wicked awesome sense of humor!!!), but I think it better to let you just take a peek into her personality through photos.  

We started out the day on the horse farm where Hannah volunteers. Ask her to tell you about those flowers - what a crazy story! We prayed that the rain would hold off, stopped on the side of the road at the "pretty farm", and finally ended the day at Tolt MacDonald Park for a few shots on a huge bridge and some autumn foliage. 

Hannah, I don't know where God will take you next year, but I know that He will bless you and keep wherever you are. 

Shine Bright!


Nicole B. - Senior Session

"What do you love?"

This is a question that I ask my clients frequently.  I get all kinds of answers - sports, horses, dance, art, family, friends... 

When I asked Nicole this same question she gave the most beautiful answer: JESUS!  She didn't bring an armful of props or accessories, she just brought her faith. I love how authentic and honest she is with herself.  "Jesus is really what I'm all about!" How incredible is that?!?! 

Nicole - thank you so much for allowing me to capture a little of your beautiful spirit. 

Shine Bright!