Why I Love Senior Photography

I really enjoy living in the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest provides beautiful locations year round and with the often overcast skies we have perfect lighting. Shooting in the natural light is my specialty, that and high school senior photoshoots. I find that seniors are my favorite photography subjects. I see seniors in a unique way, and getting to know my seniors during the photoshoot gives me so much joy.

A lot of people say that seniors are our future. High school seniors are in a unique position where they are getting ready to embark on their futures. They have the potential to change the world and I see that in them, but I see it now. I see them as having the ability to make change now. They have the ability to be seen where they are at. They can meet a challenge with youthful eyes and are the future but are also the right now.

Mary Vance Photography Senior Girl Sammamish Washington
Mary Vance Photography Senior Guy Photographer Sammamish Washington

I love shooting high school seniors because I want to build young people up in a world where others want to tear them down. As I shoot each Sammamish Senior, Issaquah Senior, Redmond Senior I get to know them. They may go to different schools but they all face the same hardships and challenges. I find that smile, that light in each one of my high school seniors during our photo sessions and hope to help each one of them to see that through the photo they take home with them. I want them to feel that someone other than their parent “sees” them. I want them to think they are beautiful because every high school teenager is beautiful.

Senior High School students make excellent photography subjects because they give me hope for humanity and they get my sarcasm. It’s nice getting to know each high school senior during our photoshoot. We laugh together, we talk about what their future plans are, and each story gives me hope. Each senior has a light they are taking out into the world. Through their stories and interests we find the perfect greater Seattle location, then personalize each shoot to their personality. Then taking the photo is easy. And I hope with each end result they see how much light they have.

Mary Vance Photography Senior Girl Sammamish Washington  Seattle Hat Fall