Makennan H - Skyline High Senior - Class of 2017 - Sammamish, Wa Senior High School Photography


Makennan has his own tagline! How awesome is that??? I can totally see how this kid's signature red locks would be intimidating on a cross country course. He's a crazy talented runner just like his awesome mom. 

When he's not running, however, Makennan is a good-natured joker who will jump up on just about anything (trees, tires, rope swings) at a moment's notice. He's also a huge fan of the good'ole US of A. Seriously, ask him about his favorite holiday. Spoiler alert - he'll light up like a firecracker on the fourth of July!!! 

It was so much fun to photograph him at his family home where you can tell lots of memories have been made! Makennan, hope this season is awesome for you and don't work too hard in those PE classes! :-) 

Shine Bright,