ClickinWalk 2015 - Seattle Photography Walk

My husband likes to say that we are "introverts who like people." :-) Yes, we'd all rather stay at home reading books or binge watching AIV, but we also like to have company when we do that! 

Personally, I get so nervous about walking into a situation where I don't know anyone! It's really tough for me to break out of my shell in a brand new place. 

Well, a few weeks ago, that's just what I had to do! ClickinMoms had set up ClickinWalks in cities all over the world and I wanted the chance to meet some local photogs and shoot something so far outside my comfort zone. You see, I LOVE faces! I love eyes and slight smiles. I love giggles and tickles. And I really love to capture those moments forever with my camera. But I also love a challenge.  I like to push myself to take on new projects just to see if I can solve it. (Yes, I was the kid who did extra math problems in grade school!) 

So armed with my camera, a map, and a bottle of prosecco (for the after party - you can't go wrong by bringing bubbles to any celebration!), I headed into downtown Seattle for an afternoon photography walk. 

It was so weird to not have faces in my photos! I found myself floundering a bit to figure out what I could even shoot! In the end, I think I managed to get some decent shots and definitely gained an appreciation for those who do street photography! I also learned that sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone isn't always a bad thing. :-) 

Here are a few of the "keepers" from #clickinwalk2015Seattle.

Shine Bright!