Monika - Senior Mini-Session

One of the most difficult things for a photographer to do is to actually be IN pictures!  One day my children are going to wake up and say, "Wait - was mom there, too?" because there will be no evidence that I was save the pictures I took of them! 

Monika is a budding photographer.  In fact, she purchased her first dSLR last year and has been diligently building her art and craft since. 

For this mini-session, I was shooting several young ladies rapid-fire.  It took a little persuasion, and she was definitely more interested in what was going on behind the scenes, but I finally got Monika in FRONT of my camera! YAY! And even though she was still hanging on to her vintage Canon (we both shoot Nikon!), her images were lovely and showed a bit of her shy character. 

Monika - I look forward to shooting you again! ;-) 

Shine Bright!